Custom Graphics

Every site needs some graphics. Even the most minimilistic websites usually have a logo or a brand image. Chances are you will already have some graphics of your own which you wish to use but should you need custom work done, I can provide that service as well. I am an accomplished photographer and digital artist. My work has been featured at many sites on the Net as well as the New York Times and National Geographic. Below are a few examples of some of my photography and digital art projects.

Digital Art ExamplePhotography ExampleDigital Art example
Digital Art ExampleDigital Art ExamplePhotography Example

Three of these were CD Covers and three were web graphics. I also provide designs for posters, fliers, brochures, company stationary and business cards. Below is an example of a poster I designed for the Curtis Salgado Benefit gig in March of 2010. Hopefully this gives you some idea of the kind of rersources you will find available to you here at the Dawg House.

Poster Example

From concept to completion. All your needs are met under one roof when you come to the Dawg House.